Let us reintroduce ourselves! 

Travel Machine is one of Louisiana’s most trusted travel agencies for over 40 years. When you entrust Travel Machine with your travel needs satisfaction is guaranteed! We don’t simply sell vacations and business trips. Travel Machine ensures that every detail of every journey booked, goes smoothly from the early planning stages to the return home. We pride ourselves on service before, during, and after each clients’ memory-making experience!


It’s time for a new chapter with Travel Machine! The new lighthouse emblem is meant to represent our strength in both guidance and longevity. It also symbolizes our commitment to providing you with a guiding light throughout your next journey, rain or shine. We know since the pandemic, travel has become more difficult. And while we cannot predict what will happen next with the weather or government regulations, we can be vigilant for you and provide guidance throughout your trip. With our online tools and personalized packages, there is no reason to get lost at sea. We are still here! Travel Machine is not just about helping clients find their way to their destination; it’s all about making sure they get where they need to go hassle-free. You do the packing; WE DO THE PLANNING! The lighthouse in our logo truly shines brightly as an example of what we want to accomplish in this new chapter for Travel Machine ——- providing guiding light.